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Thomas M. Banhazi, J.L. Black

Livestock Farming: A suite of electronic systems to ensure the application of best practice management on livestock farms

The sophisticated global market place for livestock products demands safe, uniform, cheap, and environmentally-and welfare-friendly products. However, best-practice management procedures are not always implemented on livestock farms to ensure that these market requirements are consistently satisfied. Therefore, improvements are needed in the way livestock farms are managed. Information-based and electronically-controlled livestock production systems are needed to ensure that the best of available knowledge can be readily implemented on farms. New technologies introduced on farms as part of Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) systems will have the capacity to activate livestock management methods that are more responsive to market signals.

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T. Banhazi, L Babinszky, V. Halas, M. Tscharke

Precision livestock farming: Precision feeding technologies and sustainable livestock production

In order to be able to produce safe, uniform, cheap, environmentally- and welfare-friendly food products and market these products in an increasingly complex international agricultural market, livestock producers must have access to timely production related information. Especially the information related to feeding/nutritional issues is important, as feeding related costs are always significant part of variables costs for all types of livestock production. Therefore, automating the collection, analysis and use of production related information on livestock farms will be essential for improving livestock productivity in the future.

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