About Us

Towards A Better way of livestock farming

The concept for our company was a team effort between industry and academia. After interviewing local livestock producers at a workshop, founder Prof. Thomas Banhazi wanted to create a partnership where producers and academics could work together to create a new way of livestock monitoring to aid livestock production. Questioning the effectiveness of conventional management tools prompted him to dream of a better way that will not rely on subjective observations to make production effecting decisions.

Teaming up with several researchers and engineers in the Precision Livestock Farming area, he formed PLF Agritech in 2010. This research and development company is committed to develop different precision farming technologies for livestock producers that met their unique needs. Over the past decade, PLF Agritech has developed:

  • 3 precision farming technologies,

  • patented 2 of the technologies in Australia, Europe and in the USA, (7 granted patens have been secured altogether)

  • tested these unique inventions in real commercial farm settings,

  • participated in several research projects,

  • published 3 books and more!

About The Founder

Thomas Banhazi, PhD in Animal Science and Biosystem Engineering

With a unique talent for developing creative technologies, a natural eye for business matters and animal welfare, founder Thomas Banhazi had over 15 years of experience in biosystem engineering before forming PLF Agritech. He discovered over the years that the needs of animals and the needs of producers can be both met with implementing new ways of animal monitoring and new style of production management. He realised that the never-ending problem of not having objective, reliable, real-time data, hindered the management of livestock farms. He wanted to focus on collecting information about the 3 main production influencing parameters without getting lost in issues that producers tend to find overwhelming in their everyday life.

With a Ph.D. in Animal Science and plenty of hands-on experience from commercial livestock farms, Thomas developed precision livestock farming technologies that were vigorously tested and proven to increase not just animal welfare but productivity by up to 15%. He won the Breakthrough Innovation of the Year award in 2009 granted by the South Australian Research and Development Institute in Australia.

Our Professional Team

Thomas knows he wouldn’t get a fraction of the things done he wanted if it wasn’t for his awesome crew.

PLF Agritech wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for our highly-skilled team of engineers. Covering industries from pork through poultry and exotic animals, our amazing engineers can cover any animal species for any industry anywhere in the world.

Transform Your Livestock Farming Choose PLF Agritech's Precision Farming!