The world’s most advanced system to monitor the size, health and productivity performance of your herd. 

PLF Agritech’s On Farm Information Management (OFIM) system delivers farmers new levels of productivity and cost reduction. Our state of the art system will drastically reduce your workload and increase your productivity by improving the farm environment, animal welfare and increasing animal grow for maximum profits. 

A 3D camera captures the pigs when they visit the feeder or drinking station. Each time, this is compared to previous data to know exactly what their condition is for market readiness. 

Improve overall productivity with non-invasive and contactless weighing.

Know on a daily basis the average weight of each pen and have sample weights of individual animals.

Know when animals are ready for market, if they are sick or underfed.

Reduce your feed costs with our automated OFIM system.

Our unparalleled precision enables you to avoid over feeding, ensuring animals are the perfect size and weight for market

Run a safer and cleaner farm with environmental monitoring.

Reporting on environmental conditions and meeting regulations is easy and cost effective.

The system is purpose built for commercial pig farming, demonstrating compliance for animal and worker welfare along with reporting on greenhouse gas emissions.

The demand for consumption exists and is growing. But so is the competition.

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