PLF Agritech

The concept for our company was a team effort between industry and academia. After interviewing local livestock producers at a workshop, founder Prof. Thomas Banhazi wanted to create a partnership where producers and academics could work together to create a new way of livestock monitoring to aid livestock production.

Our Mission

Provide technologies for smart livestock farming.

  • Help farmers by providing meaningful data they can act upon
  • Improve living conditions of farmed animals
  • Reduce the environmental impact of intensive animal farming

What is Smart Livestock Farming?

Smart Livestock farming is the use of advanced technologies to optimise the growth of animals. Different ICT tools, such as cameras, real-time image analysis, and various sensors around the animals are continuously monitoring the health, welfare and environmental condition of livestock facilities with the aim of improving animal welfare, the social and economic performance of intensive livestock farms.

PLF Agritech has developed GROW PERFECT an integrated system comprising revolutionary technologies for intensive livestock farms.

Grow Perfect

Grow Perfect is a system of hardware (sensing technologies) integrated with purpose-built software which collects and analyses key production data from livestock production facilities. The process of data collection is complemented by innovative, automated, real-time data analysis, reporting and advisory software which enables precise monitoring and management of growing conditions within large farm production buildings.

Elements Of Grow Perfect

Enviro Detect

Facilitates routine assessment of environmental parameters.

Weight Detect

Non-invasively weighs pigs in the same pen.


A cutting-edge production management software package.

What Our Clients Say About Us


PLF Agritech has been providing its services to Belmont Pastoral Co since the beginning of 2018. They installed several Weight-Detect and Enviro-Detect monitors in two of our grower/finisher sheds to continuously monitor the weight gain of our pigs and their environmental conditions. We receive weekly reports from PLF Agritech that summarises the growth rate of our pens and the environmental conditions in the buildings.

We find these reports invaluable for monitoring our management practices and for better timing the market days for our animals. The reports we receive are easy to understand and provide important information that was unavailable to us beforehand.

Brenden McClelland, Owner-Manager, BELMONT PASTORAL COMPANY,

Over the past decade, thanks to the very high-quality research and development work which has been carried out by PLF Agritech and A/Prof Thomas Banhazi, significant progress has been made in the area of precision livestock farming.
Nevertheless, despite these efforts, precision livestock farming still remains largely inaccessible to livestock producers in Europe.

The development of contactless weighing of livestock and environmental monitoring of livestock building in real time are truly significant achievements that could significantly benefit the European and especially the Hungarian livestock farming community.

Ildiko Tikasz PhD, Head of Cash Crop Production and Animal Nutrition Research Department, Research lnstitute of Agricultural Economics, Hungary

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