The PLF Agritech’s On-Farm Information Management (OFIM) system

To PLF Agritech’ OFIM System combines software and hardware purpose designed and built for the precision management of livestock for intensive production facilities. The end result? The farm is more competitive and can meet the new demands of pig farming.

Key features:

  • Farmers are able to continuously measure the most important areas of production and respond to any issues rapidly using real-time information and data.
  • The PLF Agritech OFIM System delivers up-to-date information about the current state of their livestock, their health, welfare and environmental conditions.
  • Weight, growth rate, potentially consumed feed, air quality are controlled variables, making it easy to take the optimal decision
  • Effectiveness of different tools, new technologies, breeds or feed can be easily determined by using the historical data stored by the system

Developed and proven for pig farming, by established commercial operators, OFIM delivers is easy to set up and install, using proven IT products and communication protocols.

OFIM architecture uses proven and robust technologies to provide reliability and scalability, so you can expand the system as you grow.